Private clients appreciate the quality and reliability of our auditing and consulting services.

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Pechmannova Partners s.r.o.

TAX Finkonsult s.r.o.

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  • automotive
  • transportation and logistics
  • healthcare
  • engineering
  • it and electronic commerce
  • agribusiness
  • construction & energy
  • trade and services

In addition to tax consulting, accounting and auditing, we provide a broad range of associated consulting services to various types of companies in all industries. We can offer you comprehensive support for your business in the Czech Republic in all areas that require special knowledge of business administration, accounting and taxes.

Comprehensive consulting services for small and mid-sized businesses encompasses not only standard accounting and tax administration, but also the provision of administrative and other related support.

Direct, effective communication based on our partners’ personal involvement leads to significant savings of your time and money.

  • revenue & expenditure statements
  • income tax returns
  • social security in cz
  • real estate tax
  • real estate transfer tax
  • inheritance tax

By utilising the opportunities provided by the law, we would be pleased to help you save taxes and reduce the risk of the collection of back taxes at a future date.

We will take care of all of the formalities associated with your income in the Czech Republic for you.

Our office will handle communication with the authorities for you.

  • associations (companies constituted under civil law)
  • foundations and endowments
  • churches and religious organisations
  • professional guilds


We have the necessary experience in multi-source financing to provide accounting. Our individualised approach takes the variety of financing sources into account and offers a number of advantages. Specifically, we guarantee that deadlines will be met and the materials we provide to the auditing authorities comply with their requirements.


Audits of grants from national public funds and EU Structural Funds comprise an important part of our services. We carry out the audit with regard to the recipients’ and grant providers’ specific requirements. When performing an audit, we focus on the economic, property and member situation, sources of financing and purpose of the non-profit organisation.